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Durable Awning Signage in Grande Prairie


Awning signage is an effective way of promoting your business and drawing customers’ attention. It is also a great investment in terms of advertising and aesthetics. If you need awnings signage in Peace River, count on Prairie Signs (2000) Ltd. We manufacture and sell a wide range of products including fascia signs, pylons and specialty signage in Grande Prairie. Our awnings are designed with unique patterns and graphics to meet your personalized needs. Whether you want to upgrade existing awnings or install a new one, get in touch with us.



Why Go For An Awning Signage?


Having quality awning signages can be extremely beneficial for your business. They pose an extraordinary mix of advertising, functionality, capacity and can even help you get an appropriate value for your money.


Prairie Signs (2000) Ltd is an awning signage provider based in Grande Prairie. We give top-notch canopy signages that are made keeping in mind the practicality of your business. We have been in the industry for several years and can confidently say that when you invest in good quality signage, it ends up paying for itself with the amount of business it brings to your store.


Let Prairie Signs (2000) Ltd. be the trusted neighbourhood awning signage supplier for your business.



Advantages of Awning Signages


There are many advantages of having Prairie Signs (2000) Ltd. put your business’ logo on an awning. Not only is it aesthetically-pleasing, but it’s also weather-protected and attention-grabbing. They’re also easy to clean and a very economical value for their investment.


Other benefits of awning signage are:

  • Enhances brand visibility
  • Protects your storefront from heating
  • Promotes public awareness
  • Boosts the curb appeal of your business

Awnings can add a walkway-bistro component to your restaurant or cafe and expand its exterior dining area. This extra space adds to your business's overall aesthetic look and can be used to host events with your business's name right upfront. To get detailed knowledge about our services, you can visit our blog.


Additionally, getting your signages customized has its advantages as well:

  • Adding high-perceivability to your area
  • Separating your business from others in the territory
  • Giving your area an inviting and upscale allure


Increase Your Brand Visibility with Our Awning Signages


In addition to their ability to withstand different climate conditions, our awning signages can also be modified ideally to show your logo, slogans, and trademarks. You can also fuse custom pictures to express your business's personality.


Most awnings last for 5-10 years if appropriately maintained and can be fixed or "reskinned" to make them last longer. If you want to get customized awning graphics, we've got you covered.


Don't know what type of text, colour, or graphic to go for to suit your business's personality the best? Contact us today and let our specialists figure out what's conceivable and functional for you.



Our Awning Signage Services


Prairie Signs (2000) Ltd is the main stop for all your awning signage needs, be it installation, replacement, or repair. With our uniquely crafted aluminum awnings, we can help your business become the most memorable spot in the neighbourhood. 


We have been making business awnings for businesses that are built to last. Let us assist you with setting up your business image with our customized awning signages. Our clients have always trusted us to deliver high-calibre services with our in-house creative and expert establishment administrations. Connect with us to begin your awning services in Grande Prairie today!



Get In Touch With Us


Investing in awnings allows you to showcase your business. If you want to stand out from your competitors and attract more customers, we can design appealing awnings for you. 

Contact us today for custom awnings in Peace River.




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