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Dependable Pylon Signage in Grande Prairie

A perfect illuminated pylon sign gives high visibility to your design with LED Lights, unlike standard signage, which offers a low profile, unsuccessful impact. Our outdoor signs are custom designed to meet the expectations of our clients. The signs can be visible to ongoing traffic and communicate the business's message to anyone who passes them. The main advantage of customized pylon signs is that they easily identify plazas, gas stations, restaurants, and other commercial locations.


Pylon signages are durable and available in medium and large sizes. They are fabricated in aluminum and steel and can advertise your business 24 hours a day. Installed with fluorescent lights, they efficiently catch the attention of the bypassers even from a distance. All the signages are UV resistant and made using only the best products in the market. We can custom design your pylons according to your requirements. 


Pylon signage creates unique and appealing non-illuminated or illuminated landmarks for your business. These signs feature countersunk fasteners and clean edge treatments, as well as easily removable access panels for maintenance purposes. They are available in monolithic, square and triangular shapes for great visual appeal. If you are looking for unique pylon signage in Peace River, choose Prairie Signs (2000) Ltd for customized solutions.


Get in touch with us to find out if we have the right program for your needs.


Why Is It Called a Pylon Sign?

Anything that bridges support under highway overpasses or the steel pillars are called pylons. An illuminated aluminum pylon sign marks the gate or exit to indicate different bazaars. Each pylon sign is unique and is different in size and style.  They are illustrated with acrylic faces and can be modified with acrylic or Lexan faces.


Advantages of Pylon Signage

Pylon signage (also known as free-standing signs) is an effective way of advertising for your business. Its height and appearance grabs the attention of your potential customers. Other benefits of pylon signage are:

  • Cost-effective compared to other signage options
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easily customizable
  • Better readability
  • Enhanced brand visibility

Different Types of Pylons

If you own a single business, shopping center, commercial complex, or a large mall, we design pylons according to whatever size preference you have. Our signages include electronic boards, channel letters, or simple signs. Our range of material choices is extensive and includes aluminum, steel, or a combination of different materials for your customized signage. Following are various options of pylons:


  • Twin pylons - Opting for twin pole road pylons is typically preferred by businesses that fall into the premium section. Prominent signages may need twin pylons for stability.
  • Single pylon - This is traditional signage and is often found near gas stations and other single business locations that need branding from sidewalks and roads.
  • Directory pylon - It has served several commercial properties and is perfect for navigation and traffic efficiency.
  • Covered pylon - Structural poles can be covered to make a custom look to suit your business. It can use message boards, lightboxes, standard signage as per the requirements.
  • Lightbox pylon - Commercial premises signages are taller for maximum visual impact and are mostly used by shopping centers and malls near entrances and exits near the roadside.

Benefits Benefits of Pylon Signs

Every business must have pylon signs as they make them look good and professional. Many storefronts that are located next to highways can take the help of pylons to stand out. Their LED lights make them visible to the common eye even from a distance. This allows motorists to take notice and know more about the business and services they offer. Following are the uses of pylon signs:

  • Identify the business
  • Identify the tenants
  • Provide the credentials and details of the facility
  • Attract business


Why Choose Us

Our team of professionals is incredibly experienced and trained in the latest industry standards. We offer services to businesses, shopping complexes, malls, etc.


Pylons contain custom mastheads made according to your requirements. Be it illuminated or not; one or two poles can make a significant difference in your footfall. If you are a business owner, our recommendations can help you since we have experience working in this field.


We guarantee that your business will get more visibility once the pylons are designed and installed and increase profits for years to come. Call us today for a free estimate.


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Pylon signs are one of the most effective forms of advertising and help bypassers quickly locate your business. But they should be designed and installed efficiently for the best results.


We always believe in appropriate customizations for our clients to suit their businesses as per their budget. For any queries regarding pylon signs in Grande Prairie, get in touch with us today.

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